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Edgeworks Entertainment is a Los Angeles-based independent media company, formed by Alexander Winn and Lacey Hannan to support the breakaway indie success of TerraGenesis, a game made by Alexander based on real science and data from NASA. Now we're growing into new games, podcasts, shows, and more, and we're keeping that passion for authenticity and exploration in everything we do.

Every Edgeworks project is designed to inspire a sense of exploration, whether it’s for history, science, travel, music, food, or anything else. We believe that introducing audiences to an idea they are unfamiliar with is a form of innovation. When it's enriched with authenticity and portrayed by people passionate about the topic, popular entertainment can be educational and engaging as well as financially successful and fun. Communicating that passion keeps our team motivated, our projects focused, and our fans entertained.

Meet the team

Alexander Winn

Founder & CEO

Alexander Winn likes to make stuff. Starting with The Codex in 2005, a smash-hit HALO 2 machinima webseries that got over 90 million hits, Alexander has developed over 40 independent projects in his spare time. He can often be found on the weekends aimlessly wandering over to his office, before being gently but firmly guided back toward the television and being reminded to relax by his loving wife, Lacey. When he finally chills out and stops working Alexander enjoys Marvel movies, strategy games, alternative history novels, movie trailer music, movie food, scuba diving, and exploring New Zealand.

Lacey Hannan

Co-Founder & COO

This Lacey Hannan lady is SUPER RAD! Though terrified of drowning, she is SCUBA certified; and while she has serious musical stage fright she’s got some chops on that trumpet of hers. In all things, she relies pretty heavily on her Dexterity and Charisma modifiers. But if you’re going to settle in with her for a long conversation over wine you better bring your Intelligence or Wisdom modifiers to the table, because as curious as she is, she wants to know all the things you've got stored in that there brain of yours. And this lady suffers no fools. Unless you’re a bard, and then she sees right through you and loves all of your ridiculous antics for the front they really are.


Marketing Manager

Born at a very young age; self-made thousandaire. Recommended by 4 out of 5 people that recommend things. Covered in cat hair. Meme enthusiast. Left arm was severed off at age 4 but it’s okay, they reattached it. Sparkling water addiction. Can recite pi up to the 27th digit for no applicable reason. Loves Korean Psychological Thrillers and documentaries; had a pet kangaroo. Owns five copies of Skyrim but will never complete a major questline (commitment issues). Generally has three Nintendo handheld consoles in her purse. Has written a thesis on why Kojima’s P.T. revolutionizes the horror game genre. Too rad to be sad.


Customer Support

Ansley is a certified workaholic but when she isn't working, you can find her wrangling her own mini zoo of four kids and three dogs. She loves animals and cooking but not cooking animals. Loves the combination of jalapeno chips and twix. Sushi and basketball date nights are her jam. Loves giving and receiving memes and spends way too much time doing so. Very OCD about Christmas decorations, although those around her would say OCD about everything. Collector of shot glasses from every state and country she's traveled to but doesn't allow anyone to use them. Also collects Christmas ornaments from travels to go on a separate tree.


Marketing Assistant

Sophie likes a lot of things. She likes a lot of different music, some good, some bad. A self proclaimed meme girl, don’t try sending her a funny tweet because she’s already seen it. She can talk about The Beach Boys for hours on end so don’t get her started. Sophie also likes to take her cat Zelda for walks in the backyard, watch Cody Ko videos and watch vegan cooking videos that she’ll likely never make. A curator of all things cool, she’s that friend always up to something you’re kinda confused about but feel bad asking again for clarity so you support her regardless.


Administrative Assistant

Deidra is kinda obsessed with television and is up to date on all shows with super heroes or anyone who has powers. She still hopes every single day that when she wakes up, she’ll have some too... and occasionally tries to move a pen with her mind. She loves to make up silly songs and post them into the unforgiving void of the wide world inter web where approximately zero dozen people watch them. She once pet a Shark in the waters of Caye Caulker, Belize... it felt like suede. Deidra is excited to help the badass folks at Edgeworks Entertainment do their Thang!


UI/UX & Graphic Designer

Tanya loves design, movies, and Lego. She has a sensitive taste for fashion trends, and she is deeply obsessed with modern industry design aesthetics. She is dedicated, driven, and detail oriented when it comes to design work. When she’s not at work, she turns herself into a chef because she cooks a lot. Tanya’s favorite bands are The Killers and Of Monsters and Men. She loves indie music!


Content Producer & Editor

Rachel likes to make movies and jelly. She loves rollerskating in her driveway and pretending she knows EXACTLY what you're talking about. Her cooking is hit or miss... so invite her over for dinner... please, she's hungry. She claims to be a self taught mechanic, but don't look too far into that. She's also a volunteer with Los Angeles Community Fridges. Rachel abides by the motto "we aren't here for a long time, we're here for a good time."


Senior Unity Developer

What you are looking at above is the self proclaimed fastest motorcycle riding Unity developer (Insert your side) of the Mississippi, and that's a fact! (No need to fact check, this was written by a fact checker so it's completely true.) When he is not absolutely destroying the competition from 10th place, he enjoys watching any sci-fi movie with aliens and/or androids.. so basically anything by Ridley Scott. When no one is around he sings the Halo theme song in any space with reverb. He is currently in a 50+ tab cryptolearning rabbithole.
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