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Three Pillars of Exploration


Explorers crave new experiences.

We seek out new stories, new systems, and new perspectives. We are not beholden to any genre, process, standard, tradition, or metric that came before, except where it works for us today. We believe new ideas are inherently worth investigating, and frontiers are meant to be expanded.


Explorers want to know what's real.

We are not satisfied with assumptions or surface-level understanding. Facts can be fun. Details can be exciting. Entertainment can be deep and enlightening without being "edu-tainment." Our attention to detail, depth of research, and embracing of the complex results in new and rich experiences.


Explorers encourage others to follow them.

From our earliest days, humans have been drawn to find out what is over the next hill, across the ocean, or out among the stars. There is a yearning inside of us to touch the unknown, and to understand it. Being an explorer is a calling that is open to anyone who reaches for it.
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Explore, hominize, and terraform entire worlds with TerraGenesis, the smash-hit indie game based on real science from NASA!

Available now as a free download on iOS, Android, & Windows.

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Latest News

The Far-Future Institute

Oct 28th, 2020

Getting to know the technological titans of TerraGenesis The Far-Future Institute is the newest faction on the terraforming scene after their founder, Keahi Malae, gathered some of the best and brightest across the solar system. An institution devoted to innovation and technology, the Far-Future Institute has taken it upon themselves to develop inventions and processes that foster solutions to humanity’s...

Mars Tourism Article: Elysium

Oct 22nd, 2020

Image Credit: NASA An introduction to the biggest available island on Mars For the ambitious amongst you, Elysium has the potential to be the biggest island on Mars after terraforming. Its broad plains and gigantic craters give building and exploration options that will keep you busy. Read on to discover what you can do on your visit here. Right on the equator Centered...

The Sons of Hephaestus

Oct 6th, 2020

A closer look at the no-nonsense, anti-terraforming clan: the Sons of Hephaestus. The Sons of Hephaestus are here to get things done. These guys would be able to thrive on a desert island with their practical skills and natural instinct for survival. What sets the faction apart from the rest is their focus on planetary purity -- the belief...

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