. Edgeworks Entertainment
Graphic Designer & UI/UX Designer
We are looking for an experienced Graphic Designer & UI/UX Designer to join our small, growing, unstoppably awesome team in Los Angeles. This team member will be helping to distill complex games and apps into intuitive UX workflows and menus, and then rendering those menus with appealing styles and aesthetics. You'll also be generating art assets for use both in-game and in marketing efforts, such as buttons and logos.

As a member of a tight-knit indie team, you'll also have input on high-concept game design and overall product direction, for one very successful mobile game and more to come. Plus, you'll be working in a super-cool office with a bunch of thoroughly tolerable people.
- Design intuitive and engaging UX menu-flows for mobile and desktop games and apps (especially complex strategy games).
- Using InDesign or similar programs, develop UI mockups and prototypes that clearly illustrate how the final game will function and how it will look, to guide the developers in their implementation.
- Identify and troubleshoot UX problems in pre-release and live games.
- Develop appealing UI styles and art aesthetics for the game overall.
- Using Photoshop or similar programs, create all UI assets (styled buttons, menus, popups, widgets, etc) necessary for the developers to implement in-game.
- Using Photoshop or similar programs, create brand and marketing assets (logos, banners, decks, app icons, etc) for use in-game and in marketing efforts.
- Adhere to style standards on font, colors, and images, for each of multiple games and projects.
- Appear in public-facing media such as behind-the-scenes videos and "dev diaries" on YouTube, Twitch, podcasts, and/or other platforms.
We'll Be Even Happier If You Have...
- Illustration experience (characters, environments, and/or full scenes).
- Concept art experience.
- Animation experience (2D or 3D).
- A talent for logo/symbol design (for example, designing faction icons for a strategy game).
You'll Enjoy Your Job More If You Have...
- An interest in experimenting with different art styles, cultural aesthetics, etc.
- An interest in astronomy, space exploration, and the practical process of colonizing and terraforming other worlds.
- An interest in zoology, environmentalism, ecosystem design, and animal anatomy.
- Experience with macOS computers and software.
- A passion for enriching games with details and mechanics drawn from real-world science and history.
- A willingness to try new ideas and break traditional game design conventions.
Edgeworks Entertainment is located in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles, California, and we do not currently accept remote work. Check out our culture deck here to get a sense of who we are and whether you might like being a part of our team.
If you'd like to apply for this position, please send us an email with your resume and cover letter.
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